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Testimonials about AiS Watermark Pictures Protector
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Customer testimonials

I am looking at your WPP app and it watermarks perfectly.

Stephen Tapp

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Worked like a charm... Bravo to AiS Watermark Team.This has enforced the knowledge I already had... "The best product, with the best service". And you can quote me!

Lou J. Males
Digital Memories Central

I really appreciate AIS WPP : I am a fine art photographer and I very often need to protect my pictures when i send them to my buyers for examination. Your software is really versatile and easy to use.

Jean Daubas

Software is great it will allow me protect my art work, photos and images on my website. If you looking for the software to protect your graphics I strongly recommend it. I will let my friend know.

Marcin Grabysz

I started with Banner Maker and upgraded each time you advised of a new version. I have enjoyed using the software.

Jerry D. Ellerbe

I've been using the unregistered version and it sounds pretty good.


I am looking at your WPP app and it watermarks perfectly.

Stephen Tapp

I bought your ais watermarker product last year. Great program!

William Wade

I have your watermarker in my computer. It works great.

Miguel Narbona

I purchased this software and we use it almost everyday - its a great product.


Ten days ago we downloaded your "AiS Watermarker Pictures Protector (unregistered version)" and we think it's good for our images.

Archivio Fotografico Lucchese del Comune di Lucca (ITALY)

Software is great it will allow me protect my art work, photos and images on my website. Customer Service was good, and it took long time to receive my software. But if you looking for the software to protect your graphics I strongly recommend it. I will let my friend know.

Marcin Grabysz

wareseeker.com  Editor's  pick
AiS Watermark Pictures Protector is a program doing the job of securing your images and digital photos published on the Web by adding to them visible watermarks. The watermarks can be solid or transparent, they can include your logo, company name, your site URL, date and time or any custom text. The level of transparency can be manually adjusted for best results. Special emulation option is available for black and white images. You may also use the program for other 'non-protective' purposes - for example, for applying watermarks.
SoftwareSeeker.com  Editor's pick award
5star-shareware rating
Paul's Picks Shareware Winner
Tocows rating and review

AiS Watermark Pictures Protector allows you to selectively add your own watermarks to protect your images. You can select how many watermarks you want and the location of each. You can also add either a photo or text as your watermark.

AiS Watermark Pictures Protector is a must-have if you are worried about people trying to use your pictures without permission.

5 stars filehungry.com
ZDNet Rating and Review

Despite its name, AiS Banner Blocker isn't a utility for preventing those pesky pop-up windows from opening in your Web browser. It's actually an easy-to-use tool for graphic artists who want to protect their work. Use it to watermark images with text in the font and color of your choice. For instance, you might be sending an image to a client for approval, but to prevent the graphic from being misused, AiS Banner Blocker could place the word "Sample" or "Demo" over the image. Decide if you want the customizable text to tile repeatedly on top of the picture or appear just once in one of nine possible positions. The program uses tabs to let you easily preview the source image, the blocking image, and the resulting image. It supports .bmp, .qbmp, .gif (static and animated), .ico, .emf, .wmf, and .jpg formats.

4 stars sofotex.com
BNS - The Bronze Soft


Banner Blocker is an extremely simple program which simply overlays text onto your images. You can select the font, colour, size and position of the text and even tile it all over the image for maximum effect - although this did increase the file size dramatically. Although you can do the same thing in most paint programs, the speed and ease of Banner Blocker makes it perfect for those who need to label or create demo images often. Recommended.


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