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Useful links about watermarking and image processing

Watermarking Source Code

Watermark attacks / Watermark benchmarking & testing

Digital photography

Links to sites of users of our software

  • www.paardenfoto.nl
  • AtomNDT.com - developers group of NDT instruments for NPP.
  • ViViDCalendar.com - software for making custom photo calendar.
  • StartCalendar.com - sport events calendar and sport photo gallery.
  • Webbs Graphics - Decals and Graphics customized to your needs for Cars, Trucks, RV's, Motorcycles and ATV's. We have hundreds of vinyl decals to choose from in many styles and colors.

Other Links

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Watermark software products

AiS Watermark Pictures Protector
- visible watermarks for images

- invisible watermarks for images

PDF Watermark
- watermarks for PDF documents

- watermarks for video movies

Software for developers:

AiS Watermarker ActiveX
- visible watermarking API

AiS EXIF Info ActiveX
- read/write/change EXIF/IPTC/GPS information API

Watermark articles

How to protect digital works: comparison of watermarking methods and tools
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Digital photography
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Image compression
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