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Version history of AiS Watermarker ActiveX
Example of usage AiS Watermarker ActiveX. Watermarked image
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Version 3.6

  1. Added Emboss Watermark style

Version 3.5

  1. Made new interface for adding watermark. See new example newexample.asp.
  2. Added macros for EXIF and IPTC parameters Note! Now, if you want to add percent "%" character to your watermark text, you must write two character "%%".
  3. Added user defined macros and methods for using macros.
  4. Improved rotation of multiline watermark text.
  5. Added properties for adding color Border on images
  6. Added align by width for watermark text CI_ALIGNMENT_WIDTH

Version 3.4

  1. Added saving EXIF and IPTC in protected images, see properties SaveEXIF, SaveIPTC
  2. Added proterty SaveOriginalDate
  3. Added mask for adding watermark, see properties MaskType, MaskRandomFill, MaskLineThick, MaskStep (useful for emulation semi-transparency on black-white -images)
  4. Added background and transparent color for text watermark (properties TextBackgroundColor, BackgroundColor).
  5. Improved processing of black-white and gray TIFF images.
  6. Improved tile and fixed position filling for rotated text watermark
  7. Added saving dpi of original images.
  8. Added saving/loading list of images.
  9. Several minor changes.

Version 3.2

  1. Added processing errors "Source file not found"

Version 3.1

  1. Added new macros %fdate%, %ftime% and other which return date or time of original file image.
  2. Added example for VB 6.0
  3. Fixed several errors.

Version 3.0

  1. Speed up protection.
  2. Added macros in the Text watermark.
  3. Added rotation of watermark text (only for True Type fonts, parameters TextAngle)
  4. Added alignment of watermark text TextAlingnment
  5. Added stretching watermarks (parameters Stretch, StretchPercent, StretchProportional)
  6. Changed name of property Type, new name is WatermarkType
  7. Added optional parameter Section to methods LoadSettings/SaveSettings. This function allows use watermark settings saved by AiS WPP v3.0
  8. Added method MakeThumbnail

Version 1.0

  1. First version of the component

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