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FAQ about using AiS Watermarker ActiveX
Example of usage AiS Watermarker ActiveX. Watermarked image
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Q:Is it possible to make 2 different text watermark on 1 image using AiSWatermark ActiveX?

Answer 1: You can add the two watermark step-by-step:

Set Obj = Server.CreateObject("AiSWatermark.Watermark")

'load first settings and add first watermark
call Obj.LoadSettings("settings1.aiswpp3", "Text")
call Obj.MergeWatermark("source.jpg", "source-tmp.jpg")

'load second settings and add second watermark
call Obj.LoadSettings("settings2.aiswpp3", "Text")
call Obj.MergeWatermark("source-tmp.jpg", "target.jpg")

Answer 2: In the version 3.5 you can add several watermarks without reloading image:

Set Obj = Server.CreateObject("AiSWatermark.Watermark")

'open source image
call Obj.OpenImage("source.jpg")       

'load first settings and add a watermark
call Obj.LoadSettings("settings1.aiswpp3", "Text")
call Obj.ProtectImage

'load second settings and add a watermark 
call Obj.LoadSettings("settings2.aiswpp3", "Text")
call Obj.ProtectImage

' save protected image with two watermarks
Call Obj.SaveImage(DemoImage3)

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