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AiS XP Images

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This program helps to make professional designed application for Windows XP. Processed images will look like images in Internet Explorer 6.0. The program can processing several images in one file. There are batch processing mode.

You have to make three steps to prepare new images:

  1. Export all images from your project to BMP files.
  2. Process all exported images by use AiS XP Images.
  3. Import all converted images back to the project.

AiS XP Images is useful for developers who plan to make new applications for Windows XP or who want to migrate their applications to the new Windows system.


Button images before processing:
buttons before processing
Button images after processing AiS XPImages:
buttons after processing AiS XPImages


XP Images helps you to make your images look like to Internet Explorer 6.0

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AiS XP Images
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