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Order AiS EXIF Info ActiveX

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Registration fee for AiS EXIF ActiveX:
DEVELOPER licence for one computer - $49.95 Buy Now!
SERVER licence for one server - $99 Buy Now!
ENTERPRISE licence - $299 Buy Now!
DISTRIBUTION licence - $149 Buy Now!

All listed prices are one-time fee. They include free minor version updates (e.g. all 3.#.# versions). Registered users will also receive considerable discounts on major updates. You can receive the registration key immediately after your order will be approved (see link in the order confirmation e-mail).

New! You can buy this product on CD for an additional $9.99 (shipping is free). Just select "Yes, I wish to add 1 CD-ROM to my purchase" in an order form. This CD contains about hundred high resolution Autumn photos and trial versions of our products.

Licences types:

  • DEVELOPER license for a single computer USAGE. The user purchases ONE license to USE the AiS EXIF ActiveX on ONE computer only for develop software by use AiS EXIF ActiveX.
  • SERVER license for a single computer USAGE. The user purchases ONE license to USE the AiS EXIF ActiveX on ONE computer with a WEB or application server.
  • A ENTERPRISE license. The user purchases a single ENTERPRISE license, authorizing the USE of AiS EXIF ActiveX, by the purchaser, the purchaser's employees or accredited agents, on an unlimited number of computers, regardless of location, but owned or under the control of the purchaser.
  • A DISTRIBUTION license. The user purchases a license for an unlimited number of copies for the purpose of distribution individual licenses to a third party with AiS EXIF ActiveX being included as a part of another application or system. This license does NOT allow the direct reselling of AiS WPP ActiveX as a stand-alone product.

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Order AiS Watermarker ActiveX

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Product information
AiS Exif Info ActiveX
File name aisexif.exe
Download size 1.4 Mb
Version 3.2
DEVELOPER license - $49.95
Buy now
SERVER license - $99
Buy now
ENTERPRISE license - $299
Buy now
DISTRIBUTION license - $149
Buy now

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