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Download AiS EXIF Info ActiveX

Visual Basic News & Information Source

Download version 3.2 (1.4 Mb)
installation setup for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Contents of the installation:

  1. AiSEXIF.dll - AiS Watermarker ActiveX main module
  2. Description of the component.
  3. Example of using the watermarking component in ASP (Active Server Pages) with source code.
  4. Compiled example of using the watermarking component in VB 6.0 (Visual Basic) with source code.
  5. Example image with EXIF and IPTC.

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Example of usage AiS EXIF ActiveX
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AiS Watermarker ActiveX

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Product information
AiS Exif Info ActiveX
File name aisexif.exe
Download size 1.4 Mb
Version 3.2
DEVELOPER license - $49.95
Buy now
SERVER license - $99
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ENTERPRISE license - $299
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DISTRIBUTION license - $149
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